One of the things Apple is known for is their high build quality which allows devices to be used for years on end but still hold up pretty well. Unfortunately that reputation has suffered a bit in recent times, what with the iPhone 6 being found to bend pretty easily, and more recently there is a similar problem plaguing the 2018 iPad Pros.


Apple to date continues to deny that this is a manufacturing defect and to reassure customers that this is “normal”, they have since published a support document that details the manufacturing process of the iPad Pro, and why in some units and models there might be instances where the tablet seems bent out of shape.

According to Apple, this mostly affects the cellular models of the iPad Pro due to the use of the antenna bands, which “for the first time ever on an iPad” are made using a process called co-molding. Apple claims that the use of these new manufacturing processes allows the iPad Pro to be even flatter than before, and as such “make subtle deviations in flatness more visible only from certain viewing angles that are imperceptible during normal use”.

So far there have been mixed reports on how Apple is handling returns or exchanges. Due to Apple claiming that this is not a defect, there are some users who report that they are unable to get it exchanged even under warranty. On its website though, Apple does note that there is a 14-day window for returns, so if you have a bent iPad Pro and it is still less than 14 days old, maybe you should take Apple up on that offer.

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