Last year there was a report that claimed that Venom 2 might have already been greenlit. Turns out that the reports might have been right because in a new report from Variety, it seems that Venom 2 is official and is in the works. It has also been reported that Kelly Marcel will be returning to write the script where she could also serve as the show’s executive producer.

Tom Hardy is also expected to return and reprise his role as Venom/Eddie Brock, which isn’t surprising since last we heard Hardy had signed on for at least three Venom movies. Other actors expected to return include Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson, who at the end of the first Venom movie had teased that Carnage could be the sequel’s antagonist, something that many have been waiting to see.

However it seems that the movie could feature a new director. The director of the first movie Ruben Fleischer is reported to be busy shooting the sequel for Zombieland, but there is no word on who might be taking up that role. While the movie seemed to have been panned by critics, it did make quite a bit of money where it earned over $780.5 million worldwide.

This actually allowed the film to earn more money than Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and 1977’s Star Wars which was actually rather surprising and impressive at the same time. There is no word on when the new Venom movie will be released, but hopefully it won’t repeat the mistakes of the first one.

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