For those who are unfamiliar, Xiaomi actually makes a lot more things than just phones, which the company is probably best known for. In fact Xiaomi actually makes a fair number of smart home products such as smart lighting systems and even security cameras, the latter of which was announced at CES 2019 in the form of the Yi Home Camera 3.

However what sets the device apart from its predecessors is the use of AI, or smarter notifications, where the idea behind it is that it will only notify the user of things that it deems are important, versus being notified of everything which can get a bit spammy and also annoying. For example would you prefer if you got notified of actual important emails, or get notified all the time even when spam mail comes in?

The Yi Home Camera 3 will function more or less like its predecessors where it will be able to capture what goes on at home (or wherever you place it). It will be capable of capturing 1080p Full HD video quality which is saved into the cloud (you will need a subscription for this). It will also be able to detect objects and sound, but like we said, it has been updated with “smarter” notifications where it will eliminate false positives from being reported.

This includes stimuli that could potentially trigger object or sound detection, like insects flying by, photos, pets walking around the home, movement of light rays, and so on. The Yi Home Camera 3 is priced at $40 which will also come with a free 6-month trial subscription to the cloud storage service.

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