Twitter has been slowly opening themselves up to the idea of introducing an edit feature, and more recently Twitter’s CEO floated an idea of how such a feature could work. However the feature has yet to officially debut and we’re not sure if there are plans to ever do so, but in the meantime Twitter seems to be considering alternatives.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs event in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey suggested that in the meantime, the company could consider introducing a “clarify” feature to its platform. Basically this feature would allow users to go back to older tweets and append additional information to it.

For example if they made a typo, they could append the correction, or they could clarify additional details if they feel that their original tweet wasn’t clear enough. This would be in line with Twitter’s stance on editing which they feel would destroy the real-time nature of tweets. In a way this is similar to how tweets are currently being clarified, where users would just follow up with another tweet. However Twitter’s method does sound like it could be a much neater solution.

However according to Dorsey, he states that while they are considering this feature, it does not mean that they are actually going to launch it as they are still trying to figure it out. Is this a feature you’d like to see in Twitter in the future?

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