Has Google decided that its tablet and laptop gambit has not paid off? A new report claims so. It mentions that Google is downsizing its laptop and tablet hardware divisions. The company is said to be asking employees to move to other positions within Alphabet temporarily due to “roadmap cutbacks.”


Citing sources familiar with the developments over at Google, Business Insider reports that Google has told dozens of employees on the Google Create division, which worked on its Pixelbook and Pixel Slate hardware, to more to other positions within Alphabet temporarily.

Employees that have been asked to move to other positions reportedly include technical program managers, hardware engineers, and program manager supporters. This decision is said to have been made because of project cancellations at Google Create. This is the in-house division which developed the Pixelbook, Pixel Slate, and other products that were branded “Made by Google.”

One source mentions that the Google Create team had “a bunch of stuff in the works” and this move shows that the company is cutting down the portfolio of products. Whether or not this means that the company won’t launch another Pixelbook or Pixel Slate remains to be seen. Since Google is asking them to temporarily move to other positions and not laying them off, it’s possible that these changes could be reverted down the line.

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