Following the launch of the second-gen AirPods, it was rumored (and later confirmed) that Apple would be launching a Beats-version of the AirPods. The headphones in question is known as the Powerbeats Pro and if you are interested in the headphones, you will be pleased to learn that it will be available for pre-order starting next month.

The headphones will be available for purchase starting on the 3rd of May, where it is then expected to go on sale on the 10th of May where they will be sold for $250. They are more expensive compared to the AirPods, but the upside is that Beats headphones tend to have better sound profiles compared to the AirPods and are bassier, so if headphones with stronger lower-ends are your thing, this could be worth checking out.

Apart from the difference in design and sound signature, the Powerbeats Pro will be more or less similar to the AirPods in functionality. They will feature the same H1 chipset that is used in the AirPods, and will also offer longer battery life and physical playback controls. They are modeled after the Powerbeats3 Wireless and as you can see from the design, they are aimed at users with a more active lifestyle.

There will also be support for hands-free activation of Siri if you do use Apple’s digital assistant frequently.

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