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With laptop makers churning out laptop/tablet hybrids, there have been some Apple fans who have called upon the company to do the same. Apple has resisted the idea in the past, but as we have seen with devices like the Apple Pencil, it is not unprecedented for Apple to have a change of heart.

Of course, when exactly we will see such a hybrid remains to be seen, but in the meantime, designers at Astro HQ (makers of the Luna Display) have cooked up a concept which shows what a hybrid MacBook could look like, but with a twist where instead of it being a laptop with a touchscreen display, it is a laptop with a completely foldable display.

The end result seems to resemble a much larger iPad Pro rather than a MacBook, where the top half of the display acts as the main screen, while the bottom part could be thought of as a drawing area. This would be similar to foldable devices like the Nintendo 3DS where the upper half of the screen shows the game, while the bottom half is where gamers interact with the game.

We imagine that it would be pretty hard to create such a massive foldable display, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that is where our devices ultimately evolved to. At the moment, we’re seeing how some companies such as Samsung and Huawei are creating smartphones that can be unfolded into tablets, so we wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, we’d have tablets that could be further unfolded into even larger tablets.

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