It seems that Google has a new piece of hardware up its sleeve. An FCC filing has been discovered for an unannounced Bluetooth-only product from Google. The filing itself doesn’t reveal much about the device other than that it can only communicate using Bluetooth. That does narrow down the list of potential suspects by quite a lot.


It’s clear right off the bat that this isn’t a smartphone, notebook, tablet, or any other kind of a similar device. It could most likely be a smart home device or something of the sort given that its only connectivity option is Bluetooth.

The FCC filing has revealed that this Google device carries product code G022A and only supports Bluetooth. In case you were wondering that this might be a new smartwatch that’s also unlikely since a wearable device of that sort will also have Wi-Fi. It can’t be the gaming controller for Google’s Stadia game streaming service because that supports Wi-Fi as well.

So the likely suspects are a new pair of earbuds or perhaps a remote for a smart device like the Chromecast. It’s too soon to say when this particular device will hit the market but given that it has obtained FCC approval, it may be out sooner rather than later.

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