Due to the Apple Watch’s ECG feature being seen as a medical tool, it needs to be properly licensed before it can be used. Given that different countries have different laws, this means that it could take a while before the feature found its way to other countries around the world.

However, the feature has managed to find its way to the UK recently and it seems that it has already saved its first life. According to a post on Reddit, user Phil Harrison claims that he was training for the Brighton Marathon when he started to experience heart palpitations that wouldn’t stop and decided to use the Apple Watch’s ECG feature to find out what’s going on.

According to Harrison, “With a series of events which ended up with me in accident and emergency that evening to being told that I shouldn’t do the marathon which was only 10 days away just on a precaution, to now 2 and a half months later after a series of tests being told I need to have a valve repair surgery via open heart surgery sooner rather than later which is currently booked for Wednesday 3rd of July.”

This is not the first time that we have heard how the Apple Watch has saved lives. While the heart rate monitoring feature and ECG feature shouldn’t be used to diagnose your condition, the fact that it alerts its wearers to any anomalies can save lives by letting patients seek out treatment earlier.

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