Apple was the first to the market to launch a digital assistant for our smartphones. However, the feature did not exactly work as advertised at launch, and the fact that it was closed off to developers meant that Siri was extremely limited in its use. This led to competitors such as Amazon and Google to pull ahead of Apple in the digital assistant market.

However, according to analysts at the Mangrove investment firm, they are predicting that Apple could launch what they are calling “SiriOS” at WWDC 2020. Now, Siri is obviously not an operating system, but SiriOS is expected to be targeted at developers in which the goal is to help accelerate the innovation and adoption of Siri.

The investment firm seems to be particularly optimistic about Apple’s future with Siri, where they are claiming that SiriOS will be worth $1 trillion by 2025. It does seem like a rather outlandish claim so take it with a grain of salt. Digital assistants are becoming increasingly common these days where every company is looking to launch their own take on it.

There is Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and even Samsung got in on it with Bixby. Will this rumored SiriOS change things for Apple and how users and developers view and use Siri? We suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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