While most Apple Watch stories involve saving the life of the wearer by alerting them to heart problems, another feature of the watch is fall detection, where if it detects you’ve fallen, it will help call for emergency services if you do not respond in a timely manner. This is exactly what happened over in Australia.

According to a report from News Corp Australia, a woman by the name of Kate Donald has had her life saved by her Apple Watch. Donald suffers from epilepsy in which her seizures can sometimes be triggered when she does not get enough rest. Noticing her lack of sleep, her husband offered to take her kids out of the house so she could have some time alone to catch up on her sleep.

Unfortunately, while she was home alone, Donald suffered from a seizure causing her to fall, but that’s where the Apple Watch came in handy. It alerted Donald’s husband and also made a call to emergency services, where she was later sent to the hospital. According to Donald, she bought the Apple Watch last year when she was pregnant with one of her children and was also suffering from regular falls, in which she hoped the fall detection feature would come in handy.

We should note that by default, unless you set your age to 65 or older, the fall detection on the Apple Watch will be disabled by default, so if you know someone who suffers from epilepsy, you might want to make sure that the feature is turned on for them.

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