The Apple Watch is fast becoming a device that has saved many lives. This is thanks to its built-in features such as its heart rate monitor and ECG monitor that alerts the wearer to anything wrong with their heart rates, thus allowing them to seek medical help quickly before it is too late.

According to a recent report from The Telegraph, it looks like the Apple Watch can once again be attributed to saving a life. This is thanks to the built-in alerts we mentioned earlier, which tipped off Paul Hutton from Essex that something is wrong, where according to his Apple Watch, his heart rate was abnormally low.

Hutton had initially sought medical help from his general practioner who told him to adjust his diet, but the alerts kept coming where eventually he went to see a specialist. According to the specialist, Hutton has a form of irregular heart rhythm known as ventricular bigeminy, where he later went for surgery to address the problem.

As we said, this is not the first time that the Apple Watch has been credited with saving a life. It is not limited to just its heart rate monitoring features either, where we have seen examples where its SOS feature and LTE have also allowed its wearer to call for help when their phones cannot be reached.

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