Most of us grew up listening to songs from Disney’s various movies and cartoons. It’s hard not to, especially since Disney has played a huge part of our lives. If you’re someone who still loves all the Disney songs, you might be interested to learn that Spotify and Disney have teamed up to create a special hub in which you’ll be able to stream all manner of Disney songs.


According to Spotify, “Starting July 17, users in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can search “Disney” on Spotify to find a designated hub for the music behind some of their favorite Disney movies and TV shows. Stream playlists full of everything from The Little Mermaid to modern favorites like Frozen, to Star Wars instrumentals, and even Marvel movie soundtracks.”

This hub will function just regular Spotify, with the main difference being that it will be populated with Disney songs. This also means that users can expect to look forward to special playlists for road trips, the shower, or sleeping that contain specially curated Disney tunes. Given how long Disney has been around, plus with franchises from Marvel and Star Wars being part of the company, there will be a ton of songs that users can look forward to.

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