Due to the slightly more open nature of Android, it had led to this perception that Android is less secure than iOS. That is not necessarily true as Apple’s iPhones have had their fair share of security and malware scares in the past. In fact, a recent report from Google’s Project Zero could end up leaving a bit of egg on Apple’s face.


This is because according to their findings, it seems that malicious websites have apparently been hacking iPhones secretly for years. These websites exploited a zero-day flaw in the iPhone, and given that these websites were said to receive thousands of visitors per week, we can only imagine how many users might have been affected by this.

The malware, once successfully installed, would be able to steal files and upload live location data. It would also be able to access the iPhone’s “keychain” which is where login information is stored. While this sounds scary, the malware is said to be non-persistent, meaning that once the iPhone has been rebooted, the malware would be removed, although not before it could have sent some information back to the hackers.

If you’re worried about the security of your iPhone, it should be pointed out that Apple has already fixed the flaw. The update was actually released at the start of the year so if you have updated your iPhone since then, you should be safe.

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