With Apple announcing the Apple TV Plus, it seemed like the company has decided to embrace video streaming, which is a new medium where we can consume content. The company is expected to be rather aggressive with its original content where they are said to have spent quite a lot of money on new TV shows and movies.


The idea is that this will help encourage customers to sign up for their service, but oddly enough, that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case. According to multiple reports from the Wall Street Journal and Variety, it seems that Apple might actually choose to release some movies in cinemas first before they are eventually made available on Apple TV Plus.

This is a decidedly different approach from others, such as Netflix, who tends to make their movies available at the same time in both cinemas and on their platform. As to why Apple could be choosing to do this? One possible reason is that it could be due to money, where releasing it in cinemas first will let them rake in more cash for those who can’t wait.

It will also help them get their movies in contention for awards, which in turn would cement the company’s status as a producer of good film. In a way, this is also good for customers as it means that in case you don’t want to pay for an Apple TV Plus subscription, it will still give you the opportunity to check out some of its content.

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