Just like the iPhone, the Apple Watch also comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode that blocks notifications on the smartwatch in case you’d rather not have it buzzing on your wrist all day. However, according to a new report from MacRumors, it seems that the Apple Watch could be getting a new type of “DND” feature called “Schooltime Mode”.

According to the report, it seems that Schooltime Mode will be similar to DND mode in the sense that it will be able to block notifications, but it will also block the user’s access to apps and complications on the watch, meaning that it will essentially just be a watch that tells the time, at least until the end of school.

This seems to suggest that Apple is trying to position the smartwatch with a younger audience, perhaps kids in middle or high school, where these kind of features could help convince parents that maybe buying a smartwatch for their kid isn’t a bad idea. It is unclear if this will be a software update or if it will be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 5, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, a recent report has also suggested that Apple could be working on a sleep tracking feature for the Apple Watch that could be released as soon as next week.

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