Typing on a touchscreen keyboard is perfectly fine for firing off short messages, but as you might know, typing out longer documents and emails can be tiresome. This is due to the lack of feedback that you get when typing with a virtual keyboard versus an actual physical keyboard, but it seems that Apple could have an idea on how to fix that.

In a recently discovered patent, Apple has come up with an idea on how to potentially make its touchscreen keyboards more enjoyable to type on. This will come in the form of haptic feedback, where whenever the user taps on the key on the screen, it will provide feedback like you might expect from a normal physical keyboard.

Haptic feedback when typing isn’t new and on many Android phones, you can make the phone vibrate a bit whenever you type. However, Apple’s patent suggests a different method where only the part of the screen you’re tapping vibrates. This means that it will simulate more of a real keyboard feel than general haptic feedback.

This is an interesting patent although whether or not it will actually be realized remains to be seen. This is the downside of patents where it can be hard to tell if Apple is just trying to protect their intellectual property or if it could be an actual feature or product in the works.

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