With HomeKit, Apple has attempted to create its own ecosystem of smart and connected home products. However, this is largely dependent on manufacturers choosing whether or not to adopt it and incorporate it into their products, which means that if customers are hoping to furnish their home with HomeKit products, they may run into situations where certain smart home products they want might not necessarily support it.

However, Apple could have an answer to that problem, one that the company seems to be rather familiar with, and that is to make it themselves. In a report from Bloomberg, it seems that Apple is investing heavily into their smart home division where they are apparently mulling the idea of maybe making their own smart home accessories.

This means that instead of being at the mercy of manufacturers and trying to cajole them into adopting HomeKit, Apple could instead make certain products themselves to fill the void. The report also goes on to add that the company is looking at creating ways in which it would make it easier for manufacturers to adopt HomeKit.

As it stands, the only HomeKit product made by Apple comes in the form of the HomePod, Apple’s attempt at creating a smart speaker. It has not done quite as well as Apple had hoped namely due to its premium price tag. There have been rumors about a possible HomePod Mini but that has yet to materialize.

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