One of the features Apple introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4 is fall detection. This feature, as its name implies, is designed to detect when a person has taken a fall, and if that person does not respond in time, it will then call emergency services on their behalf. It was also designed for elderly people in mind, who might slip and fall in the bath.

However, it seems that it has more uses than just detecting a fall in the shower, as a man by the name of James Prudenciano found out when he fell off a cliff during a hike and broke his back. Speaking to News 12 New Jersey, Prudenciano attributed his Apple Watch’s fall detection to saving his life.

After detecting his fall, his Apple Watch then managed to call for help where he and his hiking partner managed to get on a passing boat where they were taken to meet emergency services. This is actually not the first time we’ve heard about fall detection saving a life. Previously, we heard how the Apple Watch saved the life of an epileptic woman who fell, and how it also helped paramedics locate a bike crash victim.

However, it should be noted that the fall detection feature is only enabled by default if you are over a certain age. Those who are younger will need to enable it manually.

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