When it comes to noise canceling headphones, Bose is a company that is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. The company’s Quiet Comfort series of headphones is pretty popular amongst travellers who might be able to appreciate the noise cancellation that it affords them, especially during public commutes or while on a plane.

However, it seems that in a recent firmware update, Bose might have accidentally done something to the noise cancellation feature on the QC35 II headphones, where users are complaining that it doesn’t seem to be quite as effective anymore. Apparently, sounds that used to be eliminated by the headphones is no longer being cancelled out.

This has also led to customers downgrading the firmware, which Bose promptly blocked due to security concerns. This has resulted in Bose actually making house calls and visiting their customers to get to the bottom of the issue. According to Bose, “Coordinating these visits is no small task, as the process between initial contact and the first visit can be extensive. We are still trying to coordinate more visits and have been responding to survey participants, usually within 24 hours of completion.”

Hopefully, the company will be able to find a fix for the problem soon because as it stands, Sony is actually doing a pretty good job on the headphone front, and these issues could drive customers away from Bose to Sony.

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