As some of you might have heard, over the past few years or so, Google has been working on literal wearable tech in the form of Project Jacquard where it saw them team up with Levi’s. The company has since released a jacket with Project Jacquard technology built into it, although it did not necessarily come cheap.

If you wanted to check out the tech but couldn’t bring yourself to spend $350, you’re in luck because Levi’s and Google have since announced a bunch of brand new Project Jacquard trucker jackets that not only come with second-gen tech, but it will also come with a more affordable price tag.

In terms of features, it seems to be similar to the previous-gen jackets, where there will be a section on the sleeves of the jackets that is touch-sensitive, where users will be able to interact with their mobile devices. However, unlike its previous design, the newer version of the tech is smaller and is said to be roughly larger than an SD card.

The idea is that with its smaller form factor, it will allow for integration in more forms of clothing. There will also be several new features, like triggering a photo on your phone’s camera, a personalized briefing, and also a new “Ask Assistant” feature. The new jackets are priced at $198 for the Classic Trucker and $248 for the Sherpa Trucker, both of which will be available in men and women’s sizes.

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