One of the problems that social media platforms are facing is abuse from users who don’t seem to be able to understand the basic concept of respect, where strangers seem to think that it is okay to send other people nasty and abusive messages. This can ruin someone’s day where they might open their inbox to find a flood of abusive messages from random strangers on the internet.

So far companies such as Facebook and Instagram have introduced ways of preventing these messages from showing up directly in your inbox, and just last month, we heard that Twitter was also looking into introducing similar filters for its direct messages as well. The good news is that after a bit of testing, Twitter has finally announced that these filters are now live and that it will be rolling out to users as we speak.

These filters will be available across the multiple platforms that Twitter is available on, such as iOS, Android, and the web, so regardless of where you use Twitter, you should be able to benefit from it. For those who are learning about these filters for the first time, basically these filters will attempt to look out for certain words in messages that might be deemed to be offensive.

The messages won’t be completely hidden and users who might want to go through them can find them in a separate “Additional messages” folder. This won’t completely block all abuse, but it should help reduce them.

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