Apple has been steadily making the Apple Watch the ultimate health and fitness wearable, where with every watchOS update and new Apple Watch model, they are introducing new features. With the Series 4, Apple introduced an ECG monitoring tool, and it looks like in the future, it seems that the Apple Watch could even potentially detect muscle movements.

This is according to a recently discovered patent in which it suggests that by incorporating electromyography (EMG) sensors into the watch, it could detect the movements of the wearer’s muscles. In addition to detecting muscle movement, the sensor could also measure strain gauges which could also measure the tension in the user’s grip.

So what does this mean for future Apple Watches? By being able to detect muscle movement, it could allow the Apple Watch to better track the type of workouts the user does, like lifting weights and being able to accurately track how many reps that they might have done. It could also be used for medical purposes, where measuring tension in a grip could also measure upper body strength which could also be an indicator of certain diseases, especially if it starts to wane.

That being said, this is only a patent and as such there is no guarantee that Apple will make it a reality, so try not to get your hopes up just yet. In the meantime, there have been talks that Apple is working on other health features like a noninvasive way of measuring glucose levels through the watch.

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