One of the features found in Apple’s newer Apple Watches is fall detection. What this does is that if it detects that you have fallen, it will prompt you to respond, in which failing to do so will result in the watch calling emergency services on your behalf. We’ve seen this used to great effect in several instances which resulted in several lives saved.

However, recently during a recording of James Corden’s Late Late Show, it seems that an audience member got a bit too excited during a particular segment, resulting in her Apple Watch’s fall detection hilariously triggering and going off. During this segment, the audience member answered a question correctly, where perhaps her excitement could have set the watch off.

It is unclear what might have triggered it, but it has been speculated that either she sat down too fast, leading the watch to think she might have fallen, or it could be her sudden arm movement along with an elevated heart rate (due the the excitement of being on TV or answering the question correctly) that triggered the alert.

Thankfully this was a false alarm (we think) and if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the clip above where it starts around the 5 minute 39 second mark.

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