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Due to us leading busy lives, sometimes we might miss out on TV shows and movies that we want to watch. The good news is that if you wanted to make a list of movies and shows that you want to and plan to watch, Google has you covered. According to a report from 9to5Google, it looks like Google Search has introduced a new “Watchlist” feature.

Basically what this feature does is that when you search for a show or movie on Google, you can click the “Watchlist” button and add it to your list. You can then revisit this list anytime you want to check out all the shows that you have missed. Essentially, this is similar to a bookmark where you can save all the shows you’ve been meaning to see but didn’t get a chance to.

In addition to “Watchlist”, there is also the addition of a “Watched it?” button that when you click, will mark shows that you’ve already seen, just in case you might have forgotten about it. Note that this feature is currently only available for the mobile web and the Google app for iOS and Android, so if you’re using Google Search on your desktop, you won’t see this feature, at least not yet.

It is also currently being rolled out to users as we speak so if you don’t see it yet, fret not as it should eventually find its way to your device.

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