So Black Friday was last week which meant that there were a lot of great deals to be had. One man by the name of John Browne thought so when he came across an Amazon deal for the Apple Watch Series 4 where it was enjoying a £100 discount off its original price, where he only ended up paying £299 for it.

However, it seems that when the package arrived and Browne was trying to show off his purchase in front of his friends and colleagues, he opened up the packaging only to discover that he had been sent a toilet plunger instead. According to Browne, “It was a pre-Christmas treat for myself and I have wanted one for a long time. I waited for Black Friday specifically and got it delivered to me at work. I went down to collect it at reception and opened it in front of staff and they started howling with laughter.”

It is unclear as to how this mixup even happened especially considering that it was bought from Amazon directly. Browne later got in touch with the company where after spending “several hours” dealing with customer service, he managed to get a refund, albeit for £289 instead of the full £299, where the £10 difference was given to him in the form of an Amazon voucher.

He claims that when he tried to re-order the watch, it was listed as sold out, so it looks like he was not able to get it.

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