Imagine giving a presentation, only to be halfway interrupted and potentially contradicted. How embarrassing would that be, right? Now imagine that happening live on TV where the interruption was not only unintentional, but also done in such a deadpan manner that you just can’t help but laugh.

That’s exactly what happened with meteorologist, Tomasz Schafernaker who was presenting the weather live on BBC. The meteorologist was talking about how there would snowy conditions in parts of the US Midwest, where suddenly out of the blue, Siri on his Apple Watch activated and chimed in by saying that there is no snow in its own forecast.

One of Schafernaker’s colleagues poked fun of him and the situation by saying, “There is snow in your forecast, I thought,” to which Schafernaker replied by saying, “Yeah but it probably doesn’t know what place I’m talking about.” We know that Apple has made huge improvements to Siri over the years, but we didn’t think that spot-on comedic timing was one of those improvements.

It is unclear how Siri was activated on his Apple Watch, but some have speculated that it could have been his settings where it was set to “Raise to speak”. In any case, if you have a minute to spare, you can check out the hilarious gaffe in the video above.

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