If you’ve ever used or looked at Twitter, you know that the social network’s design isn’t exactly the most intuitive, especially when you’re looking at replies and comments on tweets. However, in the past, Twitter has been testing out different ways to approach the conversations that users have on its platform.

Now according to a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it looks like the company could be working on a potentially new design inspired by Reddit. As you can see in the tweet below, it looks like threaded conversations could soon be a new feature of Twitter. For those unfamiliar, basically with every reply to a comment, its indentation keeps getting pushed further inside, giving it a clear structure as to who is saying what and who is replying to whom.

It also features lines that connect the conversations together so that it is clearer as to who is saying what. As it stands, the current design of Twitter is where it can sometimes be hard to tell who is saying what in replies and comments to tweets, but this makes it a lot better. That being said, we have no idea when these changes are going to be rolled out.

It is possible that Twitter is simply testing something and that they might have no intention to implement it, although given its design, we sure hope that they will. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for if and when the company does eventually roll it out.

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