Several years ago, Nebia launched a new shower head for the bathroom. While there are plenty of companies that make shower heads, what makes the Nebia special is that it is supposed to use less water compared to other brands, while at the same time claiming to cover a wider area of your body.

The product was so promising that even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook personally invested in them. However, if the original price of the Nebia was a bit out of your budget, you might be pleased to learn that the company has since announced the launch of the third-gen model which will be cheaper than its predecessor.

According to Nebia, the new model will apparently use 45% less water compared to more traditional showers. It will also use 41% less heating energy, and the best part is that it will see its price reduced from $499 for the original model, to $160 for the new model. This means that if you couldn’t afford it before, it should be very much more within your reach now.

At the moment, the company is seeking funding on Kickstarter where it has managed to surpass its original goal of $150,000, so if you’d like to pledge your support, head on over to its Kickstarter for the details.

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