When it comes to stories about the Apple Watch detecting heart problems, they aren’t new and there are many happy stories that have been shared over the years. Now it looks like we can add one more to the list, where according to a report from Oklahoma’s KFOR, the Apple Watch has been credited again for helping detect a rare heart condition in a 13-year old boy.


According to the report, the boy was alerted to an abnormally high heart rate of 190 beats per minute while he was standing still. He sent a frightened text to his mother who rushed him over to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT). For those unfamiliar, SVT is a heart condition that causes it to speed up for no reason.

While some argue that it is not a life-threatening condition, if left untreated it could potentially result in the heart’s muscles weakening over time. According to the boy’s mother, she was told by his cardiologist that before the surgery, there was an instance where his heart rate shot up to a staggering 280 beats per minute in the middle of the night.

The teen has since undergone a 7.5 hour cardiac ablation to help prevent further instances of an abnormal heart beat, and it is reported that the teen has since recovered and is back to playing sports.

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