It has been rumored for a while that Apple could be looking to launch ARM-based Mac computers in the future. Apple typically does not enjoy relying on other companies for parts, and generally prefers doing things themselves where they can. By going the ARM route, they will be able to stop relying on Intel for processors.

Plus, we have also seen ARM-based laptops launched in the past, so it’s not exactly a stretch of the imagination. That being said, it seems that an ARM-based future might be closer than we think. This is according to notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that within the next 18-months, Apple is expected to debut their first ARM-based Mac computer.

Kuo’s prediction is set within the next 12-18 months, meaning that at the earliest, it will be 2021 where the rumored device will launch. It is unclear if this will come in the form of a desktop computer or a laptop, and whether or not it will exist side-by-side Apple’s Intel offerings, or if it will replace a lineup entirely.

For those worried about performance, previous benchmarks have found that Apple’s A-series of chipsets used in its iPhones and iPads are getting closer to MacBook Pros in their performance, so there’s that. There is the issue with app compatibility, but Apple could have already started laying the foundation with Mac Catalyst that helps port iOS apps onto Mac.

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