While Microsoft has yet to hop on board the foldable phone bandwagon, the company does seem to believe that there could be some merit to the design. As a result, back in 2019, the company unveiled two foldable devices in the form of the Microsoft Surface Duo, an Android powered smartphone with dual displays, and a larger foldable tablet in the Surface Neo.

The company has also since released the emulator for Windows 10X, a variant of Windows 10 designed for dual screen devices like the ones we mentioned above, and it seems that developer @imbusho has managed to get the operating system up and running in its current form on a MacBook.

Now, clearly the operating system was not designed for traditional laptops with a single display, but as 9to5Mac points out, it does give users a good idea of what they might be able to expect from it, and how such a design could also potentially benefit smaller screened devices like the 12-inch MacBook.

Microsoft is also said to be helping developers get themselves ready for dual screen devices, so it will be an interesting year for the company. Whether or not such devices catch on remains to be seen, but given that we’ve kind of hit peak smartphone, these changes are welcome.

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