These days it’s starting to become increasingly common to see how the Apple Watch is saving the lives of its wearers. Thanks to a built-in heart rate monitor and ECG monitoring tool, the Apple Watch is capable of picking up changes in the wearer’s heart that could be a potential problem.

While it is not a diagnostic tool, its alerts have allowed users to seek medical help earlier than expected, which in turn saved their lives, compared to if they had gone in later or when they were in a more serious condition. It looks like we have another story to add to the list, where a woman posting in the BabyCenter forums claims that her watch might have saved her life.

According to her post, “Last week I felt dizzy and my Apple Watch alerted me that my heart rate was unusually high. Like, 158. I’m usually around 55/60. This happened a few more times and chalked it up to anxiety. I made an appointment with my dr who ordered bloodwork. Bloodwork comes back and my hemoglobin is in the deadly range. It’s a 5.2 and anything 7 or below is life threatening.”

She claims that had it not been for her watch, she might not have known that this was a problem and she might not have gone in for a blood transfusion, where it could have resulted in more serious consequences.

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