Fake news is a huge problem as it can lead to panic in certain situations. This is why many huge tech companies that have millions of users are trying to fight this misinformation by labeling articles that might be false. Now it looks like Google is also making some changes to its Discover Feed.

For those who are unfamiliar, Google’s Discover Feed is a feature that helps users find news and article topics that it thinks might be of interest to them. In a recent update to Discover Feed, Google has introduced the ability for users to flag articles that the user thinks could be potentially misleading.

All users need to do to flag an article is to tap the three dot icons towards the bottom right corner of an article, select Report Content, and they’ll be able to choose from several options, one of which is an article that might be “misleading or sensational”, indicating that maybe the article might contain information that is wrong or maybe even exaggerated.

Google has previously allowed users to send feedback regarding articles, but now with a specific flag for articles that are misleading, it should help Google narrow down all the submissions where presumably they’ll be reviewed.

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