These days, working remotely is a pretty common thing that companies are practicing. This is because many are starting to subscribe to the idea that you don’t necessarily need to come into work and be present in order to prove that you are productive or to get things done. However, it seems that Google Ireland is taking things to a whole new level.

According to a tweet by Adrian Weckler, a report for the Irish Independent, it seems that Google Ireland could be sending 8,000 of its employees home where they will be working remotely. No, this isn’t some kind of massive work-from-home experiment that the company is conducting, but rather it is due to health reasons.

This is because an employee at Google Ireland has been reported to have come down with flu-like symptoms, which is one of the signs that they might have been infected by the coronavirus. While it could possibly be just a regular flu, it seems that Google isn’t taking any chances and will be exercising an “abundance in caution” by instructing its staff to work from home for the day.

This is also expected to serve as a test of sorts, where Google wants to see if they are still capable of performing at full capacity should this drag out any further. Like we said, remote working isn’t new and hopefully Google’s employees don’t slack off without direct supervision, or if they are planning to slack, at least don’t get caught.

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