Last year, Apple launched Apple Music for the web. For those unfamiliar, this is basically a web interface for Apple Music where users could play music streamed from Apple Music on the web. This allowed users to stream music from the platform if they don’t have iTunes on the computer or device that they are using.

However, the feature was launched in beta meaning that Apple was still working on ironing out some of the kinks. The good news is that if you liked the web interface for Apple Music, you’ll be pleased to learn that the feature is now out of beta. It doesn’t appear that too much has changed, or if there are changes, they aren’t very obvious.

As to why anyone would choose to use Apple Music for the web, given that Apple currently does not have plans to introduce the revamped iTunes for Windows or other platforms, using Apple Music for the web could actually be a more efficient way of streaming music from the platform instead of having to use the bogged down iTunes app.

In 2019, Apple introduced a revamped version of iTunes for Mac computers. This basically split up the app into multiple apps dedicated to different functions, making it less memory intensive and more efficient. However, like we said, Apple stated back then that these changes would remain exclusive to Mac for now, meaning that non-Mac users won’t be able to take advantage of it until a later date, whenever that may be.

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