When Apple first introduced Face ID, they claimed to have worked with mask makers to ensure that even if the person wears a mask similar to the user’s face, it will not cause the phone to unlock. So far, Face ID has been quite successful, but in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, this has created a problem.

This is because while wearing a mask, it makes it almost impossible for users to unlock their phone, but a recent change in the iOS 13.5 beta will make it easier. No, Apple is not relaxing Face ID to allow for masks, but rather when Face ID detects that the user has a mask on, it will automatically switch to passcode mode.

This save users having to wait for the option to popup to enter their passcode, which can be annoying if you need to unlock your phone several times a day, or while you’re out and about shopping for groceries and have a list of items you need to keep checking but don’t want to keep your phone unlocked the entire time.

This feature is currently present in the iOS 13.5 beta but it is unclear when Apple will be releasing it to the masses, but hopefully it will be soon. This is because masks are recommended to be worn, and usually taking them on and off often reduces its effectiveness, especially if not done properly.

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