There have been many rumors surrounding the much-anticipated Apple Glasses.  This is because it represents a brand new product category for Apple, and one that has admittedly not exactly fared too well commercially in the past. Whether or not Apple will be able to pull it off while others have failed remains to be seen, but here’s what we know so far.

In a new video posted onto YouTube, Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech has shared a ton of new information about the rumored Apple Glasses, including its “official” name, pricing, some specs, and launch date.

Starting with the pricing, Prosser claims that the Apple Glasses will be priced starting at $499 with the option to make them a pair of prescription glasses for those who need them. This is much cheaper than we would have thought, given that Apple isn’t exactly synonymous with “cheap”. However, Prosser reveals the reason why it is priced that way.

This is because similar to the first-gen Apple Watch, pretty much all of the processing for the Apple Glasses will be done on the iPhone, which essentially turns the Apple Glasses into a conduit for the iPhone, thus allowing the company to save some money, which in turn lowers the price. Displays will be built into both the lenses of the Apple Glasses, and users will be able to interact with it using gestures.

Prosser revealed that an early prototype featured technology like LiDAR and wireless charging, but whether or not they make it to the final version remains to be seen. He also notes that in terms of availability, Apple is apparently planning for it to be a “one more thing” announcement at its iPhone event as soon as this year, but it could be pushed to early 2021 depending on the coronavirus pandemic, but availability could be much later possibly in Q4 2021 or early 2022.

Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt for now, but if true, it does sound like the Apple Glasses are shaping up to be a pretty interesting piece of tech.

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