When Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 4, they introduced a slight redesign with a larger display, which they continued to use in the Series 5. If you were hoping that the Series 6 would bring about a new design, you might be disappointed because according to a tweet by @L0vetodream, that may not be happening.

This is because Apple could continue using the same display for the Series 6 as it did with its predecessors, suggesting that the upgrades we see will mostly be internal. There have been rumors for a while that have claimed that Apple would change to a micro LED display for the Apple Watch and that the Series 6 would be the first in line to get that upgrade.

In a way, the possible decision to continue using OLED makes sense. This is because one of Apple’s OLED suppliers, JDI, recently received a bailout of close to $1 billion earlier this year, followed by an additional $200 million investment from a company which some believe could be Apple themselves.

This would suggest that Apple is quite invested in JDI and its products, such as its OLED displays, which could continue to be featured in the Apple Watch this year. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we’ll have more details soon.

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