The thing with social media is that it is very easy to share your thoughts, especially in the heat of the moment. But words once said can never be taken back, which is why Twitter is now giving users the opportunity to schedule their tweets. This means that if you want to take some time before tweeting, you can write it up first and schedule it for later.

If you decide not to post it, you can just cancel the schedule, or you can edit it to something more succinct. This feature will also be great for brands and companies looking to make announcements, where they can schedule an announcement for a specific date ahead of time instead of relying on social media managers having to manually do it themselves.

Despite the outpouring call for an edit button, Twitter has been adamant against introducing such a feature. The idea is that tweets are basically snapshots of our thoughts and should be captured in the moment. However, the company has come up with various ways to give users some pause before hitting that send button.

In addition to this new scheduled tweet feature, Twitter had previously introduced a feature where it attempts to detect words or phrases that might contain words that might be harmful and asks users if they’re sure they want to proceed.

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