If you use Files by Google to store and manage your files, then you might be interested to learn that Google could soon be introducing a way for you to better protect certain files from prying eyes. This is according to an APK teardown by 9to5Google in which they found evidence to suggest that there could soon be a password protected “Safe” folder.


This is a rather straightforward feature in which in this dedicated folder, users will be able to store files in them and have it protected by a PIN. This means that even if someone manages to unlock your phone and view your files, they will not be able to gain access to this folder unless they know the folder’s PIN code.

It should also be noted that this PIN code will be set by the user themselves and will not be the same PIN as your phone. This means that even in the event someone guesses your phone’s PIN, they still won’t be able to access the contents of the folder, so it is suggested that you probably use a different PIN from the one on your phone.

What’s interesting is that the APK also hints that the contents in the folder will be encrypted. This is because there is a warning suggesting that if you were to forget your PIN, you will not be able to recover its contents. There is no word on when this feature will be rolled out to users, but given that it was discovered in the latest APK for the app, hopefully we’ll be seeing it soon.

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