Two-factor authentications are a great way for you to secure your online accounts. This is because even if a hacker were to guess your password, the one-time generated code used by 2FA systems means that they will not be able to log into your account as these codes are generally sent to your phone.


For the most part, these codes are sent using SMS which is fine, but if you’d rather not deal with SMS, Google has announced that starting in July, they will be defaulting their 2FA checks to phone notifications. According to Google, phone prompts are said to be more secure compared to text or voice codes, plus they are also a lot easier to use.

Google claims, “This means that if you sign in to your Google account and are also signed in on a smartphone, you will be asked to follow phone prompts to verify the login attempt. This will help increase account security while making it easier to sign in.” However, it should be noted that this will only apply to accounts that do not use security keys.

For those who use security keys like Google’s Titan, then this won’t apply to you as the security key acts as an authenticator already as long as it is plugged into your device. These changes are expected to roll out on the 7th of July, but it could take a week or two before it becomes available to everyone.

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