It is incredibly easy to catfish someone using online dating apps. This is because all you need is to take a photo belonging to someone else and you’re all set. This has created all kinds of problems, especially for platforms such as Tinder where if users start to lose their trust, they will stop using the app.

The good news is that Tinder has since expanded its catfish detection program to more markets, where it will now expand from the US to the UK. This feature isn’t exactly new and was actually launched earlier this year. In case you’re unfamiliar with how it works, basically it calls on users to verify themselves where they’ll be asked to pose for a couple of selfies.

Those photos will then be matched against photos you’ve uploaded to your profile and will try to see if they match. If they do, your profile will be given a blue checkmark to indicate that your photos are verified and that it is you in the pictures and not someone else. So the next time you browse Tinder and see someone with a blue checkmark, you can rest assured to a greater degree that they are who they say they are, at least as far as photos are concerned.

Tinder is not the only online dating platform to introduce cat-fishing measures. Other apps such as Blume have also implemented similar features several years ago, but given how Tinder seems to be one of the larger platforms, it’s good to see the feature being made widely available.

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