According to the rumors, Apple is said to be planning on ditching the accessories they typically bundle with their smartphones. This includes the earphones and the power adapter (they will include the cable though). Now it looks like other companies could soon follow suit, and Samsung is rumored to be one of them.


In a report from Korean publication ETNews, they claim to have received tips from industry sources who claim that Samsung might be considering making a similar move for its 2021 smartphones. This means that for now, the company’s upcoming Galaxy Note 20 (which is set for an announcement on the 5th of August) will still be bundled with earphones and a power adapter.

As to why companies might be considering this move, the answer is rather simple: costs. By not including these accessories, it means that companies like Apple and Samsung will need to make less components, which in turn can help them reduce their overall costs. However, since we can’t say for sure how much these parts cost in the first place, this decision seems to be more advantageous for these companies rather than consumers.

In fact, it was recently suggested that the iPhone 12, despite it not being bundled with accessories, could actually end up being priced $50 more expensive than its predecessor. Take this with a grain of salt for now, but we imagine that other companies are probably looking to see how the public’s reaction is when Apple makes their move before considering something similar themselves.

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