It has been several iPhone generations since Apple removed Touch ID on their iPhones and introduced Face ID. However, as potentially more secure Face ID is over Touch ID, it’s hard to deny how much more convenient Touch ID is, especially in this day and age where we’re wearing masks which makes authenticating with Face ID a bit more difficult.

Will Apple ever bring back Touch ID? According to the rumors, they may, and it looks like those rumors could hold some weight. This is because based a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that Apple could be actively working on coming up with their own in-display Touch ID solution.

Given that display stacks aren’t always 100% translucent, the patent describes how Apple has come up with a way to potentially get around that issue. “For example, in some cases, a micro-lens array may be formed on the back surface of the display stack. Each micro-lens in the array may have a focal point located with, aligned with, or near one of the translucent apertures.”

This is actually not the first time we’ve seen Apple create patents based around in-display Touch ID sensors, but it is unclear which method the company could choose. However, as with patents, it’s hard to say if this is an idea Apple is casually exploring, or if it could eventually manifest itself in an actual product, so maybe don’t hold your breath just yet.

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