Apple’s 12-inch MacBook had a relatively short life compared to the company’s other laptop offerings. For the most part, it was relatively underpowered and wasn’t exactly cheap. It was also positioned weirdly as the MacBook Air offered up considerably better performance for a little bit more money.

However, it seems that Apple could be reviving the laptop again, according to a report from the China Times who alleges that Apple’s first computer that will use the company’s custom silicon will come in the form of the 12-inch MacBook. In a way we can’t say we’re too surprised as this was actually rumored in the past.

Apple had actually stopped selling the 12-inch MacBook back in 2019 where it appeared to have been discontinued, but this new report suggests that the laptop could be brought back and given a new lease on life. Apple did previously state that they will be launching new computers using their new chipsets starting this year and will make the transition over a two-year period.

So far based on benchmarks we’re seeing of Apple’s new custom silicon, there is a lot to be excited about, although real-world testing is probably going to be the best indicator as to whether or not Apple’s newly-chosen strategy is the right one.

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