It looks like the spat between Apple and Epic is deepening. Last week, Apple removed the game from the App Store which was quickly followed by Epic suing Apple. Now according to Epic, they are alleging that Apple is “retaliating” against them by revoking their access to Apple’s development tools.

For those wondering what this means and what kind of effect it might have, basically without access to developer tools, Epic will not be able to update their games on the App Store. It also means that they will also not be able to create or maintain software like Unreal Engine Epic that other games and developers use to make their games.

Given how popular and widely-use the Unreal Engine is, especially for mobile games, this will no doubt prove to be a huge problem for Epic and developers who have suddenly become a casualty of this war between both companies. Epic has since filed an injunction in which they are hoping will stay Apple’s hand until this mess can be sorted, if not, it looks like come 28th of August, things are about to get a whole lot messier.

That being said, we have to wonder what Apple’s strategy is. The company is currently facing antitrust hearings and pulling this kind of stunt will definitely not aid in their defense, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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