Google’s Chrome browser is packed full of features that makes it a great browser to use. However, for those with older computers, laptops, or computers that aren’t quite as powerful, Chrome has been known to be a bit of a resource and battery hog. The good news is that Google is working on fixing those issues.


As far as battery is concerned, the folks at TheWindowsClub have discovered that Google is testing out a new feature for Chrome that will apparently help make it more battery-friendly when it comes to laptops. This new feature comes in the form of how Chrome will allow websites to tell it to switch to battery-saving mode.

According to the summary on GitHub, “Most modern OSes also have battery saving features that kick in either when the battery is low or the user wishes to save battery. Ideally web sites should be able to respect these settings. Sites may wish to advise the UA on which strategies work best for the site in these situations.”

Exactly how much battery this will save is anyone’s guess. Also, we guess it will depend on whether or not websites will want to use these tags. It might be a while before the feature finds its way to the public release of Chrome, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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