Earlier this year, Google introduced a new subscription service that for a monthly fee, they would use AI to curate some of your best photos and prints physical copies for you. It sounded like a novelty so it didn’t really come as a surprise when back in June, Google announced that they would be shutting it down.


It turns out that Google still thinks it’s a viable idea because fast forward to today, Google has since brought the service back, although now it will cost you slightly less. Previously, Google charged customers $8 a month to take advantage of the service, but now it will only cost subscribers $6.99 a month.

For the most part, the service remains the same, where every month, Google will rely on the use of AI to help you find some of your “best” photos that it thinks you might want to keep in physical form. It then prints out a set of those photos and sends it to you. Users also have the option of putting together photo books and pick them up from places like Walmart or CVS.

With the service relaunching, Google has also added Walgreens to its same-day printing service pickup location, with Google claiming that this effectively nearly doubles the total number of stores that you can pickup your photos from. It is still a novel service to subscribe to, but if you like physical prints, then this could be worth checking out.

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