One of the perhaps lesser-known features of Google Photos is that there is an optional subscription service where for $8 a month, users would be able to print ten of their best pictures automatically selected from the previous month. It was an interesting feature, although we’re not sure how many people actually took the company up on their offer.


However, it seems that maybe it isn’t quite as popular as Google would have liked because about four months after the service was launched, Google has since announced that they will be shutting it down. This is according to a report from Android Police who were tipped off by readers who shared emails in which Google announced its closure.

According to the email, “We are writing to let you know that we are ending the monthly photo prints trial program as of June 30, 2020, in order to make improvements based on your feedback. Although we will be ending the trial program, we hope that you have experienced some joy from the prints you received along the way.”

To be fair, it wasn’t exactly a mainstream service and was more of Google testing it out, although based on this, it seems that wasn’t a particularly successful test. Also, note that this does not affect the way you use Google Photos, it only affects the print subscription option. For those looking to print their photos, there are still plenty of other print services online that the can explore.

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